1st Corinthians 10:31

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God"

In my quest to analyze and reflect upon my lifestyle in 2016, I have brought my diet, exercise routine, and daily habits under the microscope to improve myself for the new year. However, instead of merely stopping there as many do, as a follower of Christ I have attempted to also do the same in my spiritual man. What am I feeding myself spiritually? Is my lifestyle glorifying to the King? How am I stretching my faith to rise up to the calling of the Most High? What adjustments can I make to close the gap between my current state and living up to my full potential as the bride of Christ? 

I found myself looking at my spiritual diet and asking: Am I getting the proper nutrients necessary for optimal growth and performance in the kingdom? I have noticed that many people who notice a lack of energy or poor health try to alter their food intake. Things like cutting our dairy, gluten, or going paleo often show a difference in attitude, energy and overall health.  The old adage you are what you eat rings true especially when examining your intake. So what do I feed myself? Media seems to be a large part of my diet, some of it with merit but most of it to occupy and entertain, this isn't such a bad thing by itself..but the gorging of myself or binge-watching anything has never provided the hope, joy, or fulfillment I am after. I have noticed my appetite for gossip and negativity is stammering, and when I'm truly honest, it only seems to leave me feeling empty and sour. It's as if I am eating bark off a tree and complaining about having a stomach ache. A bark diet doesn't provide energy,  health benefits or nutrients simply because I was never meant to live off of bark alone. The reason I seem to be so easily saddened, frustrated, lackadaisical and left feeling far from the Lord is because I am feeding myself these things as a main source of protein. Any dietician would look at a steady stream of bark or junk food and say you need to cut your consumption of this way down, and replace much of it with something that will actually give you the nutrients you're craving.  Instead of the steady stream of media, and negativity I'm consuming daily, I need to bring my intake of those things down and instead replace it with the spiritual things that will strengthen my inner man to grow and flourish.

Perhaps I could substitute my diet with things like: praying for wisdom, encounter and guidance from the Holy Spirit, reading and absorbing the word of God, and meditation on the truth. All of these things can provide a better sustenance than my previous habits and all of them are encouraged and prescribed by the great physician Himself.

All of these things might produce good changes in my attitude, mindset, and overall health, but at the very least these things offer me opportunities for the most important thing; connecting with the One I was made to have relationship with. Because, while I want to have greater faith, while I want to have a stronger will against temptation, while I want to feel and act better, my greatest goal is to know God and let Him know me. If I even grow in relationship with Him by the slightest degree, than any change i have made is truly worth it. And that, my friends, is okay with me.