Over the last few months I have spent some time really looking at what Jesus Loves Oregon is, why it should be, who is it for and lastly how it should be expressed. My original vision for Jesus Loves Oregon was actually not a podcast but an episodic video series, with interviews and documentary shorts. Although the podcast provides information it's not the original vision God gave me. Through the Lords grace the podcast has ended up being a good "market tester" to see if you were interested in discovering what Jesus is doing though out Oregon. There was a resounding YES!

Everyone I have interviewed and have spoken with have not only given us a great response but also shared Jesus Loves Oregon with their friends and family!

The word is traveling quickly and we've only scratched the surface! Jesus Loves Oregon first and foremost is about telling stories, this is our lane. We want to go back, to see the tapestry of testimonies, story after story, telling the glorious ways Jesus is manifesting himself throughout His body. Did I mention some pretty amazing doors are open to us right now? We simply need the equipment to walk through them.

Would you help Jesus Loves Oregon in getting new equipment to complete the original vision?

If so, here are the items that we are looking to purchace"

- A camera somewhere between a Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 20.2MP Digital Camera and a Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera.

- For video editing and production I would to get a Macbook Pro 13 - a 2012 edition, this will allow me to easily install hardware upgrades.

- There will also be odds and ends: a tripod, microphones, and video editing software.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing with you all the testimonies that are occurring as we speak! BLESSINGS!!