On this episode, I interview John Dresser who partners and facilitates one of six Wellsprings - School of the Heart international simulcasts.  A clever approach to train and equip the body of Christ across the world. -  http://www.wellspringschools.com/soh/

There are 5 core topics that School of the heart addresses: 

Hearing God’s Voice

This module focuses on understanding biblical keys to hearing God’s voice. Instruction and activations will explore practical disciplines for growing in this important aspect of our journey as followers of Christ.

Experiencing the Father’s Love

In this module, students learn a biblical approach to knowing God as Father that deepens the experience of his love. As believers we've often had a shallow understanding of the revelation of the Father’s love. Underlying issues that block the experience of His love are exposed and removed.

Healing and Sanctification

This deeply impacting module focuses on the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Practical teaching on healing life’s hurts and freedom from oppression will apply the basic Christian tools of repentance, forgiveness, renunciation, and deliverance.

Moving in the Supernatural

A practical module which teaches students how to pray for physical healing
and regularly hear and give prophetic words. This module will focus on the biblical framework for New Testament ministry and practical wisdom while giving and receiving ministry.

Extending the Kingdom

This module focuses on impacting our world around us in both powerful and practical ways. Students learn that experiencing God’s presence is a lifestyle and his love is waiting to be expressed. Preparation for outreach!

Podcast Music: "Going down to the River" by Sean Feucht - Keep this love Alive