On this Episode....we sit down with Steve Trujillo [ˌtro͞oˈhēyō ].  founding pastor of Father's House City Ministries.  Steve tells us how he migrated from Cuba to the States.  When he first fell in love the city of his Destiny and we learn many MANY ways Father House City ministries is transforming the city of Portland. 

Steve and Deborah fell in love while they where writing music together for an outreach ministry to young people.  Ever since, God has used them as a team to serve the hurting, the broken and forgotten.  They ministered as youth pastors for 10 years and together they pioneered Father’s House City Ministries and serve as its senior pastors. They are the parents to Tony and Marissa who are also serving God with their gifts and talents.

Steve & Deborah are emerging servant leaders to the city of Portland and the body of Christ who walk in an apostolic anointing.   They are prophetic visionaries who see the big picture and understand the direction in which to go.  

They are known for their passion for the presence of God and the transformation and empowerment of people so they can reach their God given call and purpose. 

Our Guiding Core Values

  • The presence of God is central to all we are and do.

  • Living from Heaven to Earth is our commission.

  • We are dependent on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  • All people have been created by God in His image and are called to become sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God, so we will value and love people unconditionally.

  • We live out the Isaiah 58 mandate to serve the poor and oppressed, and the Isaiah 61 mandate to bring good news, freedom to the captive and restoration to the sick and hurting.


Father’s House seeks to live as family with one another and on mission to our world by alternating our schedule between small groups and focused outreaches.


Podcast Music: "Going down to the River" by Sean Feucht - Keep this love Alive